The Holiday Bots Are Back!


The Holiday bots are back by popular demand! It’s the end of the year and we can already enjoy that warm feeling that only the Holiday season can bring. To celebrate these splendid times, we called our five Holiday bots back to brighten your days even more with a little bit of Holiday chess.

Head over to our Play Computer page to play against Powder, Eve, Santa, Dash, and Holly!

Play Chess Against The Holiday Bots

Each of our beloved Holiday bots has its own personality and playing strength. Below you can read a little more about each of them.

Give the gift of chess!

Powder The Snowman

Holiday Bots: Powder.

Playing strength: 800.

Powder is still playing at the North Pole Chess Club, but had trouble practicing during the summer. He can’t wait to play more chess now that the weather is cold again.

Eve The Elf

Holiday Bots: Eve.

Playing strength: 1000.

Eve is as generous as any other elf, and sometimes she even hands her pieces. However, don’t get too comfortable: sometimes she’s just setting up a trap!


Holiday Bots: Santa.

Playing strength: 1200.

With so many children to visit, Santa is always very busy. However, he’s always playing chess when his sled’s WiFi works. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Santa is ready to play chess with you!

Dash The Reindeer

Holiday Bots: Dash.

Playing strength: 1600.

Dash is the Vice President of the North Pole Chess Club and Santa’s favorite chess opponent. Like most flying reindeer, Dash is used to landing on other people’s houses, so be careful with your king! Dash will not shy away from landing with all his pieces on your side of the board.


Holiday Bots: Holly.

Playing strength: 2000.

Do you know what Mrs. Claus does while Santa is out giving out presents? She works on her chess! Holly is the President of the North Pole Chess Club and no one can beat her. Now she’s back to find some new challengers while she enjoys her vacation.

Are you ready to play another round of games against the popular Holiday bots? Then head to our Bots page and have a jolly good time!


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