Complete Your 2022 I’M Not A GM Speed Chess Championship Bracket Today


It’s almost time for the 2022 edition of the I’M Not A GM Speed Chess Championship, which begins Monday, May 9. But it’s not just the players who get to enjoy the thrill of competition this year: We’re running a free-to-play, cash prize bracket contest where you get to predict the winners. The prize pool is $1,000 in cash prizes and over a dozen diamond memberships in this classic bracket contest.

2022 IM Speed Chess Championship Bracket Fantasy Contest
Who do you have winning it all? Fill out your bracket and you could win cash!

You have from right now up until the start of the first match at 11:59 a.m. PT/19:59 CET on May 9 to make your picks. Don’t want to wait too long or the deadline might pass before you know it!

We’ll be updating the standings right here so check back early and often.

Click here to jump straight to the bracket selection form!

How to watch?

The IMSCC will air on all usual channels: at or on site, or on YouTube and Twitch. The full schedule is available on the official event page.’s 2022 IMSCC Bracket Contest

Simply pick the winner of every match in every round and the deeper the tournament goes, the more points you get for each correct prediction.

Round Matches Points/Match Total Points
Round of 16 8 10 80
Quarterfinals 4 20 80
Semifinals 2 40 80
Finals 1 80 80

If there are multiple perfect brackets or ties at the top, the tiebreaker system below will become quite important.

  1. Your prediction of the final match score in the finals (for reference, in the 2021 IMSCC, 12.5-7.5 was the score of the final).
  2. If no entry predicted the correct score, the contest winner is whoever was nearest to the correct margin of victory.
  3. If that is tied, the contest winner is whoever was closest to the correct score for the tournament winner.
  4. The last tiebreaker is the order your bracket was submitted, earlier is better. Why not create your bracket now?
Levy Rozman IMSCC
IM Levy “GothamChess” Rozman almost won last year’s IMSCC, making it to the final. Will he go all the way this year? It’s your call!

The top finisher will win the big $500 first-place prize. The prize for second place is $300 and third place earns $200. Diamond memberships will be awarded to those who place between 4th and 20th, and all players who tie for 20th earn memberships even if tiebreaks would otherwise eliminate them.

Place Prize
1st $500
2nd $300
3rd $200
4th-5th 12 months diamond
6th 6 months diamond
7th-8th 3 months diamond
9th-20th 1 month diamond

Fill out the form below to enter the contest. Please remember that each member may only submit one entry. Members with multiple submissions will be disqualified.

Also note that if your email on the form does not match the one on your account, you could miss out on any potential prizes earned during the contest. NOTE: Russian and Belorussian members can participate and will be eligible for memberships, but NOT for cash prizes.

You can also complete the form at this link.

This is your chance to join fun and drama as all the action unfolds at!


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