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Game Review is a revolutionary new tool to help you better understand and enjoy your games. You’ll be able to relive your greatest moves, pinpoint the moments where things went wrong, and get explanations from your Virtual Coach to help you learn from your mistakes.

Game Review is available today for premium members and will be available soon for all members on Here are some of the exciting new features in Game Review:

Receive Move Explanations From Your Virtual Coach

Understanding computer evaluations can be tremendously challenging. Why does the engine consider your move a blunder? Why does it tell you that your move is not the best? Game Review helps you understand computer evaluations by having your virtual coach explain WHY moves are good and bad, telling you when a move perfectly capitalizes on forced checkmate, loses material, misses a chance to damage your opponent’s pawn structure, and much more. Game Review Explanations

In addition, you can now press “Show Line” to have the virtual coach play out the computer’s best continuation on the board.

New And Improved Accuracy Score

There are few things as satisfying as checking your Accuracy Score after a great game. Since we introduced Accuracy Scores, they quickly became one of the most popular features on Beginners and grandmasters alike love to see a quick grade from 0-100 showing how well each side played throughout the game, and many members celebrate new records as their Accuracy Scores improve. This encouraged us to work hard to improve our Accuracy Scores and make them even more engaging and rewarding. We will still be comparing your moves against the top engine recommendations, but we have changed the math behind our scores.


Well, most chess players—even beginners—make a lot of the best moves! Our old system was heavily weighted by how many “best” moves were played, and drastically affected Accuracy Scores. This made some people feel bad when their score was overly low and led to a lot of cheating allegations when scores seemed very high. With our new Accuracy Scores, you will notice that the majority of scores fall mostly between 50 and 95 and provide a more intuitive understanding of how accurately you played in your game.

While challenging, it is now also possible to get a perfect 100! Learn all about our new Accuracy scores here.

Game Review

Retry Key Moments To Improve Your Accuracy Score

Did one mistake in an otherwise excellently played game tank your Accuracy Score? Game Review now lets you retry mistakes in key moments and see what your accuracy would have been if you had found better moves. Using the updated Key Moments feature, you’ll be escorted through critical positions throughout the game—both good moves and missed opportunities. You’ll have the chance to retry mistakes that you made during the game, and you’ll then get a new adjusted accuracy score based on your improvements!

Game Review Adjusted Accuracy

To use this feature, just click the green “Start Review” button, and let your virtual coach guide you through the Key Moments, move-by-move. Game Review

Updated Brilliant Move New Brilliant Move Game Review

As popular as the Brilliant Move has been, we’ve heard your feedback that Brilliant Moves can be too rare and sometimes not that brilliant. We agree, and we’ve updated the way that “brilliant moves” are recognized. The new Game Review has been fine-tuned to better understand what humans identify as a brilliant move. Brilliant Moves must now sacrifice material in some way and must be the best, or nearly the best, move in a position. Brilliant Moves will also be a bit more generously awarded for newer players, recognizing that some strong sacrifices that may be standard for experienced players are quite an achievement for newer players. We think you’ll love the update, try it out and give us your feedback!

Game Review Brilliant Move

New Great Move New Brilliant Move Game Review

Brilliant Moves may be rare, but there are many other special moves that deserve to be celebrated and recognized in a chess game.

Great Moves, denoted by a classy blue outline and a stylish single exclamation point, have a significant positive impact on your position or greatly change the outcome of a game. If you found a winning move, spotted a resource to save a losing position, or found the only good move in a position, you surely deserve some praise. Now, you will receive it! Just as with Brilliant Moves, Great Moves will be a bit more generous for newer players.

Learn all about our new move classifications here.

Game Review Great Move

Understand Your Opening Performance

Game Review now provides opening commentary written by master-level players. Your virtual coach will explain to you, move-by-move, what each move accomplishes.

New Game Review Opening Commentary

Once you reach the last book move on the opening, your virtual coach will also give you all the relevant information on it. You’ll see the name of the opening you played, the total number of games that you have played in that opening, your overall performance with the opening, and a list of moves that masters have played in the position with statistics about how those moves have performed.

Find out which openings lead to the most wins for you, which ones lead to more losses, and use this knowledge to learn, find openings you are comfortable with, and remove pesky bad openings from your repertoire.

Game Review Openings

Many incredible team members contributed to Game Review. Thanks especially to @drittman13 who led the project, @PawnMorphy and @querylanguage who built the back end, @andrew_haupt, @tshwed, @scottbedard who created the interface, @dwcoates, @DanTheCabin, @2tp, @dpervov, and @nollaversioit who worked on the explanation engine, and many more!

What is YOUR favorite thing about Game Review? Leave a comment below, and please share your feedback and your favorite brilliant and great moves!


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