Violent chess

Benjamin Kwon, a student at Public School 77 in Manhattan, during a chess tournament in April. He won five matches in a Nashville tournament on Sunday, helping his school win a national championship

The world today looks at Muslims as cruel, brutal and vindictive people only because we have given up the original message of Islam. Very few people in Pakistan realise the gravity of the issues the country has been facing for more than a decade. For the majority in Pakistan, the rapidly increasing sectarian violence is simply a game of political chess.


Our media and political analysts blame the political confrontation of PML-N and the PPP for this violence. Whatever the reality is, the present situation is debilitating for the nation. The people of Pakistan are against any type of terrorism and extremism; it would do our leaders good to remember that anyone thought to have assisted in such extremism will hopefully get a tough time from the nation in the upcoming general elections.


Dr Aneeta Khakwani



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