Tu Hoang Thai was born on 6/22/1972, International Grandmaster (IM), current ELO: 2244.
He is known to be a team player of Ho Chi Minh Team and the twin brother of Tu Hoang Thong. While his achievements are not equal his brother, but he is also a player who contributed greatly to Ho Chi Minh chess and Vietnam chess.


In 2006, Tu Hoang Thai and his twin brother opens Chinese schools “Smart chess Training School”. Not to mention a lot like his brother, he always silently dedicate, always with his heart for professional chess … Nobody can deny that “Smart chess Training School” develop strongly because of Tu Hoang Thai ‘s contribution.

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Tu Hoang Thai built his coaching career on the basis of realistic potential years as athletes, go to abroad to research and study. With a friendly smile, deeply voice, fluent English ability, he became a coach get people to trust and love.

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