1. Vo Thi Kim Phung competes in sublimation.

In 2017 Kim Phung performed well, rising to more than 200 ELO to become the number one female player in Vietnam, and also reached the top 50 in the world.

This beautiful girl started out in 2017 with a pretty unexpected championship at the 3.3 Regional Chess Championship in the Philippines. In May 5/17, Kim Phung continued her impressive style when winning the Asian women’s championship.

At the London Chess Classic, the expansion table, Kim Phung, was sublimated when her defeated the three Grand Masters. It was GM Gormally Daniel W (2477), GM Fodor Tamas Jr. (2496) and GM Moussard Jules (2576), besides, she also held two other military generals. Kim Phung won the women’s championship with an additional 44.8 ELO.

  1. Impressive performance of Le Quang Liem.

In 2017, Le Quang Liem graduated from Webster University (USA) with 2 excellent university degrees, thus having more time to concentrate on professional chess and practice. Regarding the achievements of chess, Quang Liem continued to have excellent achievements such as champion HDBank (Vietnam open), 3 gold medallists AIMAG (Asia), gold medal World Open (USA), silver medal Champa ( China), IMSA (Asian) bronze medalist, entered the second round of the World Cup, was invited to the prestigious Saint Louis Grand Chess Tour,…

3.The brightness of Nguyen Anh Nguyen Anh Khoi

  1. Nguyen Anh Khoi won both the Rapid chess and Blitz chess U-16 men’s chess championships and the 2017 World Youth Chess Championship in Greece. Thus, together with the two world junior champions U10 and U12 standard chess, Anh Khoi is a rare player with four world championships with 3 categories of standard, Rapid chess and Blitz chess

    In addition, Anh Khoi won the men’s national champion chess championship in 2017. Thus, the 15-year-old has also completed the collection of the three highest honors of the flag. The Vietnamese king for his career was the champion of the first division, the national champion and the champion of the tournament.

  1. Pham Le Thao set up miracles.

In 2017, Thao Nguyen made new feats for Vietnam Chess Championship when it entered the third round of the Women’s World Championship. She has overcome two more strong opponents in the first round is Javakhishvili and Goryachkina … In addition, in the Blitz chess – fast chess championship has just taken place, Thao Nguyen also ranked 5th overall fast chess content . These are unparalleled achievements for Vietnamese women’s chess.

  1. Vietnam has the 10th general chess grand master

Young Tran Tuan Minh was promoted to Grand Master (GM) with the current ELO in 2001, becoming the No. 3 player of the Vietnam team. He is the 10th GM of Vietnam after the following names: Dao Thien Hai, Tu Hoang Thong, Nguyen Anh Dung, Cao Sang, Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son, Le Quang Liem, Bui Vinh, Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy and Nguyen Duc Hoa. .

With the progress of Tuan Minh in recent times, expect he will continue to move into 2600+ group and rise to the number 2 in 2018.

  1. Actively participate in international openness

In 2017 the top players of Vietnam participated in many international competitions in Russia, India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, England, Singapore, … This is a good sign, the unit management , the players have been hard to invest a lot of money to participate in the international open quality and more successful.

  1. Multiplayer leagues using ELO rating system

With the current demand, there will be many ELO tournaments in 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Young athletes have more opportunities to compete and accumulate ELO. In addition, thanks to these tournaments, many older and older players started to have international ELO. This is something they did not dare to dream about before.

  1. Playing chess is a thriving movement

Chess teaching and learning continues to thrive in a number of big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Binh Duong, Hue, Vung Tau … In addition, internal tournament and open tournament.

There are a number of movement awards of scale and quality, such as the No Distances (Hanoi), the Open Chess Championship (Hanoi), the Chess Red (Hai Phong) Hoi May Lake (Ba Ria Vung Tau), Chess Open Championship (Hue), …

Although there are movement tournaments but some of the large scale, there are nearly 1,000 players involved with full levels of GM, IM, FM to the amateur players. In this article, the individual author of the article especially appreciates the No Distance Between Man and Woman approach to people with disabilities.

  1. Young talents flourish.

Young talent in Vietnam has left many marks in 2017. The first case is Nguyen Anh Khoi mentioned above. Followed by the young player Pham Tran Gia Phuc when winning the gold standard U8 Asia, gold medal U8 World Youth Championship, bronze medal U8 youth fast chess competition. Nguyen Quoc Hy won the U12 Asian Championships, the youngest U12 World Youth chess champion. In addition, the young players in the world also won very good results: Bach Ngoc Thuy Duong (U14 women’s silver medal), Nguyen Thien Ngan (U12 women’s silver medal), Tran Minh Dang Quang (U12 silver medal), Hoang Minh Hieu UBC) … Also in Southeast Asia region, chess VN overwhelmed children when winning 20 golden medals.

  1. The National Congress of the Vietnam Federation of Colleges VI.

After many years of running the Vietnamese Chess Federation was vacated the position of the highest executive and did not hold the congress, finally in 2017 the Vietnam Federation held the convention and elected the president, as well as “real authority position” Secretary-General has been transferred to the new. Trainers, athletes, parents and chess players all have high hopes for a new executive who will change the way the chess team develops to a new level.

However, after more than half a year of operation, we have not seen any noticeable positive changes.TOP 10 VIETNAMESE CHESS EVENTS ANNOUNCES IN 2017

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