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Chess champions are a unique breed, because they combine the best of being able to handle psychological pressure with the best of being ridiculously smart. How our world isn’t just currently run by some former chess champion Legion of Doom is baffling. You’d think that if two met and had a conversation, the first point that they’d agree on is “Yes, we should rule these humans.” We’re inching closer to that possibility though, because Maximillian Lu (great supervillain name by the way) is here, and he is so awesome that we’re worried about it.

A ten-year-old kid with the name of Maximillian Lu is either going to grow up to become a chess champion, grow up to fight Superman, or possibly do a mix of both. Currently, he is the youngest chess master in the U.S., and the chances of that aforementioned third option become exponentially more likely when he uses phrases like “I’ve got to work on my endgame,” and describes the competition as “coming up behind you.” That’s not the kind of stuff that you say when you’re notbuilding a robot suit made of Kryptonite alloy.

So, Maximillian, let us at Man Cave be the first to extend an olive branch to you. When you inevitably take down the Justice League with some chess-themed strategic attack (ROOK TO B4, BATMAN), please, consider that we’re a harmless collection of dumb guys. Maybe we could be your jesters? We’ll sing of your triumphs and if you spare us, we’ll put on a daily reenactment of the time that you crushed Kal-El’s puny skull. Please.

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