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Now, you can study Chess anywhere, anytime with experienced titled Chess players/trainers from all over the world. You can save your time and study with titled chess trainers without coming to classes.

With a skype ID and good internet, you can improve your Chess skills so quickly.

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Learn Chess Online With Gm, IM, WGM, WIM…

Who is our coaches?

You can study with any famous and titled GM/IM/WGM/WIM in the world through Sunday Chess TV.

Why is Sunday Chess TV?

Because you can study from a good coach, a famous chess player with the quality is assessed by you. Especially, you don’t need to flight to other countries to study with your admired players. Just stay at home and study well. Save your money and movement.

Just register and let us know your requirements, we can suggest you a suitable studying process and a suitable chess trainer.

Our online chess teaching procedure:

Step 1: Chess players/chess lovers register online free.

Step 2: Our coaches will test your level and consult a suitable process with free.

Step 3: Choose your coach (GM/IM/WGM/….)

Step 4: Make your payment.

Step 5: Study with your chosen coach.

Step 6: Confirm your result and give us your feed backs. Based on this, we can have the evidence to pay to our coaches.

Our fees:

GM : $ 100/ hour

IM: $90/ hour

WGM: $80/hour

WIM: $70/hour

NM: $60/ hour

Experienced trainers (no titled):Us20/ hour

Please contact us for more details:


Skype ID: hoannt20

Email: [email protected]

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Or you can register right now:


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