6Salimu, Reuben was born in Harare Zimbabwe.

He is the owner of the African Chess Lounge, a development Chess and promotion organization in Cape Town.

On 25/02/2014, Salimu Reuben and his African Chess Lounge runs a chess tournament unusual in South Africa, a community project and the extraordinary work in Cape Town was sponsored by a film production and Kasparov Chess Foundation African. Not stopping there, the African Chess teaches chess Lounge for 360 inmates of a rehabilitation center.


He also developed Chess everywhere: streets, hospitals …

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4Salimu, Reuben exterior was inspired chess to everyone. He is a writer of books, he has published the book “Chess in 30 minutes (30 Minutes Chess print)” a guidebook for those who want to learn chess from early or those who know a little but still uncertain. All troop movements and plan the basic idea for a game of chess.








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