Before going to Mongolia to attend the Asian Youth Chess Championships, U8 chess world champion Nguyen Le Cam Hien has signed a contract which Nutifood will sponsor for her in 9 years (since the beginning of 2016 to the end of 2024).

The company has signed a contract Nutifood funded 9 years with the goal of bringing Cam Hien become professional athletes for Vietnamese chess. Specifically, the funding will support Nutifood workout / training and international chess competitions planned annual unified after deduction of state funds to pay the standard. Also, Nutifood will provide funding support for the coach (or parent of Cam Hien) come to join in the tournaments.

Cam Hien
Cam Hien


In particular, the financial terms of this contract is unlimited. The contract value will be based on plans and estimates workout annual funding family-Cam Hien, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Quang Ninh province and agreed Nutifood.

Le Nguyen Hoa – Vice Chairman Company Nutifood – said: “Cam Hien (born in 2007) are too young to go to overseas training while the conditional family mentoring (her parents are professional players), so I will continue to practice and participate in local prestigious award to accumulate experience. A few years later, depending on the requirement of her family, Cam Hien will be supported to go long-term training in a country with a well-developed chess “.

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