Mongolian chess player wins over World Champion in Geneva

Mongolian chess player WGM (Women Grandmaster) T.Batchimeg has won over the former World Champion Hou Yifan of China in the 3rd round of the Women’s Grand-Prix 2013-2014 which is currently in progress in Geneva. Her victory caused a big sensation in the tournament and among chess players around the world. T.Batchimeg was the lowest ranking player with 2,298 rating points in the competition whereas her opponent Hou Yifan was the top seed with 2,617 points.
During the press conference, T.Batchimeg said she was just trying to make the logical moves.

The Geneva Women’s Grand Prix tournament, where the top 12 women players are competing in the tournament, is the qualification to the Women’s World Championship in 2015. The tournament will conclude on May 15

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