To honor the contribution of talented players who have an exceptional contribution to the development ofVietnamese sport background, Sport Newspaper and VTVcab 24h (Vietnam Cable Television) officially hold an awards ceremony call "Victory Cup" since 2015.This prize will be accreditation by General Department of Sports and Physical Training. Furthermore, Victory Cup is the most important price of the year for anyVietnamese players.
This year, 2 famous Vietnamese chess players: Le Quang Liem - The SPICE Cup Champion,44_47_1359284042_93
 and Nguyen Le Cam Hien - Gold medal at U8 - World Youth Chess Championship 1452867396-cam-hien2_wwtx_vedo-500
were nominated for a lot of prizes. Finally, GM Le Quang Liem won "The Best Male Player of the Year", while Cam Hien won "The best young athletes of the year" and "The most favourable player of the year".
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