Dark Chess Set

It almost seems funny when we think about the things we don’t mind throwing money at. More often than not, we’re willing to spend a little extra on things that make us happy, or that we have a general interest in. This can be anything from new games to going to the movies, or a new toy. Of course, the older you get the less you’re going to want G.I. Joe and Barbie dolls, in place of a more sophisticated means of enjoyment (though there are those who do still appreciate action figures and live productive lives).

Chess is a game, but it is certainly one that requires you to be very skilled in strategy. Not only that, but you also need to be able to think on your feet, lest you be bested by your opponent. While there are some plain sets out there, this is where the “finer things in life” part comes in. Purling London made a Dark Chess Set that brings a certain ominous setting to the game.


This set consists of 34 hand-carved hardwood pieces that are all triple weighted, and come in either light grey, cobalt blue, burnt orange, or classic red. The board was also hand-made, painted in five layers, and measures 610x610mm. It comes with a power adapter and a dimmer switch to match your current lighting situation, and will cost you around $2,700. This is obviously not for those who have less than a few tens of thousands of disposable income lying around. However, if you like the idea, you can probably Jerry-rig something similar to this at home.

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