Hou Yifan makes announcement to her more than 4,000,000 social media followers that chess and investing are worth mastering and reinforce each other.

Chinese Women’s Chess World Champion Hou Yifan has joined Tradimo as a brand ambassador and will promote financial education and the brand in global marketing campaigns, Tradimo Interactive announced today.

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“Chess and investing are both driven by logic and strategy, but also emotions play a role. Money is something we all need to survive, something of our daily lives, but we don’t learn a lot about it in school and often not even at university. Learning to take care of your money and investments is important, even for chess players. It was the logical for me to join the trading world and they fit perfectly together, chess and trading. That’s why I’m happy to team up with Tradimo and learn on their e-learning platform. I look forward to discussing trades and investment ideas with my fans and helping more people understand the financial world.”

“Hou Yifan is one of the most inspirational women of her generation already at the age of 22 and we’re excited to partner with her to help more people find their way into the financial markets in an educated, strategic way instead of mere gambling. She is the perfect fit for our brand,” said Sebastian J. Kuhnert, Founder & Managing Director of Tradimo Interactive.

Hou Yifan is the youngest woman to ever win the title of Women’s Chess World Champion. First winning the title at the age of 16, she has since won the title four times and is the youngest female player ever to qualify for the title of grandmaster. Hou Yifan is the third woman ever to be rated among the world’s top 100 players and is widely regarded as the best active female chess player, far beyond her competition. Since the end of March 2016 she sparked a much-followed discussion around the way the women’s chess champion is determined when she abandoned the women’s grand prix after her call for a modernization of the women’s championship mode was repeatedly ignored by chess officials.

Hou Yifan will blog about her financial learning journey, participate in live online trading learning sessions at Tradimo.com and a €100,000 group investment challenge to which all of her fans have been invited athttps://learn.tradimo.com/yifan.html. Topics for her learning journey will include foreign exchange (forex) trading, long-term diversified investing and many others. An event scheduled for early next year will even allow her fans to come to Beijing and enjoy dinner with her if they are successful in her group trading challenge at Tradimo.

The chess world champion will be active at Tradimo under the username “Hou Yifan”.

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