Seeing it vertically, as it were. There is a surprise around every corner. Not being able to see very far in front of you is very exciting.’. WEAR YOUR ART Novelty prints are hot commodities this season. Bill O’Brien, a Macy’s By Appointment personal shopper, pointed out how “fashion has become a place to paint your artwork on,” while touring Macy’s Valley Fair men’s department. The designs of painter, printmaker and tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy are causing a stir, putting prints center stage.

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Canada Goose Parkas “It’s a fun team to be a part of,” said Gagner, signed as a free agent last summer. “I think we’re doing a pretty good job of forgetting anything that happened the day before, just moving on and just having a good mindset about it. We’re a confident group, and hopefully we can keep going here.” Canada Goose Parkas.

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