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 201 “I prefer to lose a really good game than to win a bad one”
(David Levy)
202 “Capture of the adverse King is the ultimate
but not the first object of the game”
(William Steinitz)
 203 “When I have White, I win because I am white;
When I have Black, I win because I am Bogolyubov”
 204 “Every Pawn is a potential Queen”
(James Mason)
 205 Chess is in its essence a game, in its form an art,
and in its execution a science

(Baron Tassilo)
 206 “No price is too great for the scalp of the enemy King”
 207 “In life, as in Chess, ones own Pawns block ones way.  A mans
very wealth, ease, leisure, children, books, which should help
him to win, more often checkmate him”
(Charles Buxton)
 208 Chess is a part of culture and if a culture is
declining then Chess too will decline

(Mikhail Botvinnik)
 209 A good sacrifice is one that is not necessarily sound
but leaves your opponent dazed and confused

(Rudolph Spielmann)
 210 Chess, like any creative activity, can exist only through
the combined efforts of those who have creative talent, and
those who have the ability to organize their creative work

(Mikhail Botvinnik)
 211 One bad move nullifies forty good ones
 212 Place the contents of the Chess box in a hat, shake them up
vigorously, pour them on the board from a height of two
feet, and you get the style of Steinitz

(H. E. Bird)
 213 I have never in my life played the French Defence,
which is the dullest of all openings

(Wilhelm Steinitz)
 214 Pawns are born free, yet they are everywhere in chains
(Rick Kennedy)
 215 It is not a move, even the best move
that you must seek,
but a realizable plan
(Eugene Znosko-Borovsky)
 216 Those who say they understand Chess, understand nothing
(Robert Hubner)
 217 Good offense and good defense both
begin with good
(Bruce A. Moon)
 218 Botvinnik tried to take the mystery out of Chess, always relating
it to situations in ordinary life. He used to call Chess a typical
inexact problem similar to those which people are always
having to solve in everyday life

(Garry Kasparov)
 219 A good player is always lucky
(Jose Raul Capablanca)
 220 The sign of a great Master is his ability to win
a won game quickly and painlessly

(Irving Chernev)
 221 One of these modest little moves may be more embarrassing
to your opponent than the biggest threat

(Siegbert Tarrasch)
 222 “Live, lose, and learn, by observing your opponent how to win”
(Amber Steenbock)
 223 “The older I grow, the more I value Pawns”
 224 Everything is in a state of flux, and this includes the world of Chess
(Mikhail Botvinnik)
 225 “The beauty of a move lies not in its’ appearance
but in the thought behind it”
(Aaron Nimzovich)
 226 “My God, Bobby Fischer plays so simply”
(Alexei Suetin)
 227 “You need not play well – just help your opponent to play badly”
(Genrikh Chepukaitis)
 228 “It is difficult to play against Einstein’s theory –on his first loss to Fischer”
(Mikhail Tal)
 229 “The only thing Chess players have in common is Chess”
(Lodewijk Prins)
 230 “Bobby just drops the pieces and they fall on the right squares”
(Miguel Najdorf)
 231 “We must make sure that Chess will not be like a dead language,
very interesting, but for a very small group”
(Sytze Faber)
 232 “The passion for playing Chess is one of the
most unaccountable in the world”
(H.G. Wells)
 233 “Chess is so interesting in itself, as not to need the view of gain to
induce engaging in it; and thence it is never played for money”
(Benjamin Franklin)
 234 “The enormous mental resilience, without which no Chess player
can exist, was so much taken up by Chess that he could
never free his mind of this game”
(Albert Einstein)
 235 “Nowadays, when you’re not a grandmaster at 14, you can forget about it”
(Anand Viswanathan)
 236 “Do you realize Fischer almost never has any bad pieces? He exchanges them, and the bad pieces remain with his opponents”
(Yuri Balashov)
 237 “It is always better to sacrifice your opponent’s men”
(Savielly Tartakower)
 238 “In Chess, as it is played by masters, chance is practically eliminated”
(Emanuel Lasker)
 239 “You know you’re going to lose. Even when I was ahead I knew I
was going to lose  –on playing against Fischer”
(Andrew Soltis)
 240 “I won’t play with you anymore. You have insulted my friend
–when an opponent cursed himself for a blunder”
(Miguel Najdorf)
 241 “You know, comrade Pachman, I don’t enjoy being a Minister,
I would rather play Chess like you”
(Che Guevara)
 242 “It began to feel as though you were playing against Chess itself
–on playing against Robert Fischer”
(Walter Shipman)
 243 “Checkers is for tramps”
(Paul Morphy)
244 “When you play Bobby, it is not a question if you win or lose.
It is a question if you survive”
(Boris Spassky)
 245 “When you absolutely don’t know what to do anymore, it is time to panic”
(John van der Wiel)
246 “We like to think”
(Gary Kasparov)
 247 “Dazzling combinations are for the many, shifting wood is for the few”
(Georg Kieninger)
 248 “In complicated positions, Bobby Fischer
hardly had to be afraid of anybody”
(Paul Keres)
 249 “It was clear to me that the vulnerable point of the American
Grandmaster (Bobby Fischer) was in double-edged, hanging, irrational
positions, where he often failed to find a win even in a won position”
(Efim Geller)
 250 “I love all positions. Give me a difficult positional game, I will play it.
But totally won positions, I cannot stand them”
(Hein Donner)
 251 “In Fischer’s hands, a slight theoretical advantage
is as good a being a Queen ahead”
(Isaac Kashdan)
 252 “I still hope to kill Fischer”
(Boris Spassky)
 253 “Is Bobby Fischer quite sane?”
(Salo Flohr)
 254 “Robert Fischer is a law unto himself”
(Larry Evans)
 255 “Fischer is under obligation to nobody”
(Joseph Platz)
 256 “Bobby Fischer’s current state of mind is indeed a tragedy. One of the
worlds greatest Chess players – the pride and sorrow of American Chess”
(Frank Brady)
 257 “Fischer is an American Chess tragedy on par with Morphy and Pillsbury”
(Mig Greengard)
 258 “Nonsense was the last thing Fischer was interested in,
as far as Chess was concerned”
(Elie Agur)
 259 “Fischer is the strongest player in the world. In fact,
the strongest player who ever lived”
(Larry Evans)
 260 “If you aren’t afraid of Spassky, then I have removed the element of money”
(Jim Slater)
 261 “I guess a certain amount of temperament is expected of Chess geniuses”
(Ron Gross)
 262 “Fischer sacrificed virtually everything most of us weakies (to use his term) value, respect, and cherish, for the sake of an artful, often beautiful board game, for the ambivalent privilege of being its greatest master”
(Paul Kollar)
 263 “Fischer Chess play was always razor-sharp,
rational and brilliant. One of the best ever”
(Dave Regis)
 264 “Fischer wanted to give the Russians a taste of their own medicine”
(Larry Evans)
 265 “With or without the title, Bobby Fischer was
unquestionably the greatest player of his time”
(Burt Hochberg)
 266 “Fischer is completely natural. He plays no roles.
He’s like a child. Very, very simple”
(Zita Rajcsanyi)
 267 “Spassky will not be psyched out by Fischer”
(Mike Goodall)
 268 “Already at 15 years of age he was a Grandmaster, a record at
that time, and his battle to reach the top was the background
for all the major Chess events of the 1960”
(Tim Harding)
 269 “Fischer, who may or may not be mad as a hatter,
has every right to be horrified”
(Jeremy Silman)
 270 “When I asked Fischer why he had not played a certain move in our
game, he replied: ‘Well, you laughed when I wrote it down!’”
(Mikhail Tal)
 271 I look one move ahead… the best!
(Siegbert Tarrasch)
 272 “Fischer prefers to enter Chess history alone”
(Miguel Najdorf)
 273 “Bobby is the most misunderstood, misquoted celebrity
walking the face of this earth”
(Yasser Seirawan)
 274 “When you don’t know what to play, wait for an idea to come into your opponent’s mind. You may be sure that idea will be wrong”
(Siegbert Tarrasch)
 275 “There is no remorse like the remorse of Chess”
(H. G. Wells)
 276 “By this measure (on the gap between Fischer & his contemporaries),
I consider him the greatest world champion”
(Garry Kasparov)
 277 “By the beauty of his games, the clarity of his play, and the brilliance
of his ideas, Fischer made himself an artist of the same
stature as Brahms, Rembrandt, and Shakespeare”
(David Levy)
 278 “Chess is a terrible game. If you have no center, your opponent
has a freer position. If you do have a center, then you
really have something to worry about!”
(Siegbert Tarrasch)
 279 “Many Chess players were surprised when after the game, Fischer quietly explained: ’I had already analyzed this possibility’ in a position
which I thought was not possible to foresee from the opening
(Mikhail Tal)
 280 “Suddenly it was obvious to me in my analysis I had missed what
Fischer had found with the greatest of ease at the board”
(Mikhail Botvinnik)
 281 “The King is a fighting piece. Use it!”
Wilhelm Steinitz)
 282 “A thorough understanding of the typical mating continuations makes
the most complicated sacrificial combinations leading up to them
not only not difficult, but almost a matter of course”
(Siegbert Tarrasch)
283 “Bobby Fischer is the greatest Chess genius of all time!”
(Alexander Kotov)
 284 “The laws of Chess do not permit a free choice:
you have to move whether you like it or not”
(Emanuel Lasker)
 285 “First-class players lose to second-class players because
second-class players sometimes play a first-class game”
(Siegbert Tarrasch)
 286 “Bobby is the finest Chess player this country ever produced. His memory
for the moves, his brilliance in dreaming up combinations,
and his fierce determination to win are uncanny
(John Collins)
 287 “After a bad opening, there is hope for the middle game. After a bad
middle game, there is hope for the endgame. But once you are
in the endgame, the moment of truth has arrived”
(Edmar Mednis)
 288 “Weak points or holes in the opponent’s position must
be occupied by pieces not Pawns”
(Siegbert Tarrasch)
 289 “There is only one thing Fischer does in Chess
without pleasure: to lose!”
(Boris Spassky)
 290 “Bobby Fischer is the greatest Chess player who has ever lived”
(Ken Smith)
 291 “Up to this point White has been following well-known analysis. But
now he makes a fatal error: he begins to use his own head”
(Siegbert Tarrasch)
 292 “Fischer was a master of clarity and a king of artful positioning. His opponents would see where he was going but were powerless to stop him”
(Bruce Pandolfini)
 293 “No other master has such a terrific will to win. At the board he radiates danger, and even the strongest opponents tend to freeze, like rabbits when they smell a panther. Even his weaknesses are dangerous. As white, his opening game is predictable – you can make plans against it – but so strong that your plans almost never work. In the middle game his precision and invention are fabulous, and in the end game you simply cannot beat him”
(Anonymous German Expert)
 294 “White lost because he failed to remember the right
continuation and had to think up the moves himself”
(Siegbert Tarrasch)
 295 “Not only will I predict his triumph over Botvinnik, but I’ll go further and say that he’ll probably be the greatest Chess player that ever lived”
(John Collins)
 296 “I consider Fischer to be one of the greatest opening experts ever”
(Keith Hayward)
 297 “I like to say that Bobby Fischer was the greatest player ever. But
what made Fischer a genius was his ability to blend an American
freshness and pragmatism with Russian ideas about strategy”
(Bruce Pandolfini)
 298 “At this time Fischer is simply a level above all
the best Chessplayers in the world”
(John Jacobs)
 299 “I have always a slight feeling of pity for the man who
has no knowledge of Chess”
(Siegbert Tarrasch)
 300 “There’s never before been a Chess player with such a thorough knowledge
of the intricacies of the game and such an absolutely indomitable will
to win. I think Bobby is the greatest player that ever lived”
(Lisa Lane)
 301 “He who takes the Queen’s Knight’s Pawn will sleep in the streets
 302 “I had a toothache during the first game. In the second game I had a
headache. In the third game it was an attack of rheumatism. In the
fourth game, I wasn’t feeling well. And in the fifth game? Well,
must one have to win every game?”
(Siegbert Tarrasch)
 303 “The stomach is an essential part of the Chess master
(Bent Larsen)
 304 “We must make sure that Chess will not be like a dead language, very interesting, but for a very small group”
(Sytze Faber)
 305 “I’m not a materialistic person, in that, I don’t suffer the lack or loss of money.  The absence of worldly goods I don’t look back on. For Chess is a way I
can be as materialistic as I want without having to sell my soul ”
(Jamie Walter Adams)
 306 “These are not pieces, they are men! For any man to walk into the line of fire will be one less man in your army to fight for you. Value every troop and use him wisely, throw him not to the dogs as he is there to serve his King ”
(Jamie Walter Adams)
 307 “Chess isn’t a game of speed, it is a game of speech through actions”
(Matthew Selman)
 308 “Life like Chess is about knowing to do the right move at the right time”
(Kaleb Rivera)

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