World chess champion Magnus Carlsen

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – In the CWE there`s been a lot of concentration.  This is the Sinquefeld Cup 2015, the third year of some great minds in the Midwest.

‘Except in our case the broadcasts have gone very long, six hours in some of the cases of the rounds,’ says Yasser Seirawan, Retired Grandmaster.

Yasser Serawan wrote the book on chess, actually about 18 to be exact, a former top ten grand master who has served as a play by play commentator.

‘Ten of the very best chess players from around the world competed. They are world champion Magnus Carlson and a number of other strong chess players.

For the last two weeks they`ve been slugging it out for hours on end to see someone take the queen in this river city named after a French king.

Besides the trophy, there`s a $300,000 prize fund for the winner.

And as many as three hundred chess fans from around the world.

‘An entire family came from Guatemala just as tourists, they wanted to have a vacation and came to St. Louis specifically for this event as their children play chess,’ says Seirawan.

That`s good news for the gateway region when great minds are coming together over a board game.

‘I grew up in St. Louis and played chess in high school and you read about these guys and see them in the magazines and they`re the superstars of the chess world,’ says Rich. ‘To have them here in our own backyard is really amazing.’


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