Team Members of Webster University 2017-2018 Squad


Team Members of Webster University 2017-2018 Squad

Head Coach: Susan Polgar
Coach and Chief Strategist: Paul Truong

GM Cori Jorge (Peru) 2657
GM Robson Ray (USA) 2644
GM Shimanov Aleksandr (Russia) 2640
GM Durarbayli Vasif (Azerbaijan) 2630
GM Prohaszka Peter (Hungary) 2614
GM Cordova Emilio (Peru) 2608
GM Nyzhnyk Illia (Ukraine) 2594
GM Kannappan PD (India) 2516
GM Leon Hoyos Manuel (Mexico) 2490
FM Williams Justus (USA)
SM Grabinsky Aaron (USA)
FM Colas Joshua (USA)
NM Black James (USA)
Shutzman Tom (USA)
Gosdin Kaleb (USA)
Swindell Shawn (USA)
WFM Mercado Mendoza Luisa (Colombia)
Macom William (USA)
Whatley Tori (USA)
Fatima Rashid Noor (Pakistan)

Webster University has been the #1 ranked division I collegiate chess team for over 350 consecutive weeks. The SPICE team has also won the Final Four National Championship for the last 7 consecutive years without losing a single match.

There are 2 additional GMs, one about 2625, and the other is 2650+. We will announce their names in the near future.

We also have 3 junior team members: GM Awonder Liang 2554, WFM Thalia Cervantes and Ben Shoykhet.

Source: Susan Polgar

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